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This Is the Year

This page will be a work-in-progress as I make a list for 2015, before the end of January,  of goals that I need to complete during the year.  I tend to be a procrastinator.  I have succumb to being gloomy too often.  Yes, I am facing many challenges (and obstacles) with my life long partner, my dear husband, being affected by dementia.  However, I and my children are relieved that his decline is a gradual one as that we understood at his initial diagnosis that it could be rapid.  I realize that I do not have time to waste with "pity parties for myself."  I am not that person.  I have hit things head on when I know that it is what has to be done.  I am a cautious person in many ways, but I do not hesitate to fend for my family and my quality of life.

Enough of that.  I will be posting goals for myself...goals of creativity.
Being creative keeps me sane and alive.  Stay tuned.
02 February 2015
I did not write any goals before the end of last month as that I have been busy with "life in general" for the past 3 weeks.  I shall not bore anyone with any details.

However, I will start now:
GOAL 1:  To blog, for at least one day a week, in order to keep myself focused that I need to stay focused on being productive and active.  I have a tendency to procrastinate when life becomes overwhelming for me.  I do not need to fall into that rut.

One of my Christmas gifts from my children & grandchildren was a collection of Susan Boyle's music.  As I listened, the lyrics to this so hit home with me:
"This Will Be The Year"

Toast to me, hold up my glass, to all mistakes I've made.
Good intentions washed away, as soon as spring time came.
I danced a summer, fell an autumn, another candle blown.
Now winter's come around again, and back where I began.
And even though you heard it all, I know you don't believe.
Let me keep the last thing left for me.
This will be the year, the year

The year I learn to take some time, to stop and breathe it in.
To keep a promise to myself, to finish what I begin.
Bad habits stop, no more regrets, a step out of the red.
Open arms and an open heart to all that lies ahead.
And even though you've heard it all, and I know you don't believe,

Let me keep the last thing left for me.
This will be the year, the year.

My faith carries me, I'll keep holding on.
And I'll face finally, what I've been doing wrong.
I know you don't believe, but just for me, can't you pretend?
That you'll never ever hear me say these words again.

I know this time I won't be late, this time I will arrive.
Save my tears, save my doubts, this time I will try.
I know I can be better, I promise I'll be strong.
I’ll make them see what I had been, seeing all alone.
I know you've heard it all before, and I know you don't believe,
But let me keep the last thing left for me.

This will be the year, the year.

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