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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's Fall, Y'all

My husband and I enjoyed the weekend trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains with the company of  our two grown children and one of our two granddaughters. The location of this photo is Sliding Rock in the Pisgah Natural Forest area.  This has been a favorite of ours over many years.  Our younger granddaughter had never been to any mountains, and we decided to show her some of our favorite spots on this trip.  I am already planning on another trip for next autumn, if not for an additional week in the summer.  Being retired does have its benefits, such as having the luxury to plan such trips, or just “hit the road” just because we feel like it.  Autumn is really my favorite time of the year.  Mother Nature’s display of colors in the mountains is irresistible to me.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I Like the Person that I Am

One way that I rest is to watch a movie, documentary or segments of a TV series on Netflix just before I go to sleep at night, often falling asleep after a few minutes into the viewing.  Lately, I have been watching episodes of "White Collar."  The dialogue that follows hit home with me as that I have experienced “what if” thoughts over the past few days.  I have pondered over “what if” I had made different decisions other than what my heart, my instincts, “little whispers” from God (as I call them), led me to do?

Good writers draw upon experience, and I feel that the writer(s) of this series inserted bits from within their thoughts and feelings.  I smiled and nodded at the last comment in the dialogue that follows:

“White Collar,” Season 2, Episode 8:  ‘Company Man’ — Peter’s comments to Neal:

What if I went corporate?

…flip side: What if I never joined the FBI? …But what if 12 years ago I was never assigned to an art-gallery scam downtown? What if I never met this assistant manager [now wife]?  No, there are more important things in life than just a nice view.  Like having people in your life you care about.  I don’t want to imagine the man I would be without those people.  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Moment in the Past Remembered

Gene and I stopped at a Krispy Kreme shop to enjoy a hot, fresh from the conveyor belt, glazed doughnut, and coffee.  The doughnuts seemingly just melt in your mouth, and their coffee was perfect.

This photo is the first one taken in quite some time in which Gene looks more like the person that we knew before the effects of his dementia started showing in his facial expressions.

Looking at him enjoying that doughnut brought a memory back to me:  Gene had just recently returned from his tour, of 13 months, in Vietnam.

We were in Florence one day in August of 1969, and decided to stop, upon seeing the hot doughnut sign shining, at the older store which is still located on Hwy 52 as it runs through the town.  

Gene ate almost the entire box of doughnuts that day before we finished the 45 minute ride back to our hometown.

I asked him if he remembered that day, and to my surprise, he did.  I fought to hold back tears. 
 Today was a good day.

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