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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Continuing My Search

My earlier post of stating the goal to find my Native American lineage was made quite some time ago.  I haven’t forsaken this goal.  I realize that I may not get far with it as that I am a descendent of Native Americans who assimilated into the white population and I have not found the native names of those individuals.  

A genetic test was run for me and yes, I do have Native American lineage.  My family’s claims of having Native American ancestors are factual.  

My research is being focused upon the last six generations of my parents’ family.  From there, clues may be found as to those that I am seeking.  Now, I cannot focus on this 24/7, but I do want to document what process I make.  If I am successful, such documentation of how I uncover information may help others who have the same goal. 

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