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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Muscle Cars Eyeglass Cases

Nov. 27 Update: These two eyeglass cases have been SOLD. Check my ETSY and ARTFIRE shops Sat. for new additions - the listings will be made before midnight. If you think that you would like one, please contact me and I will give you first notice before listing (I can post a private listing).

I have motifs of other muscle cars, such as for: Camaro, Mustang "Boss" SS 427, Dodge Challenger RS, Javelin, GTO, and a Chevelle. They are scrunched in on a piece of material left from a shirt I made for my father. I obtained more material of just flames background and am going to fussy cut the cars out and applique them on the flames material. Anyone who is interested in obtaining one should contact me as that this will be a limited item with me. (I will be glad to send, to your email address, a preview of item).

This is truly a good stocking stuffer for the muscle car enthusiast. :o) I plan to have these available by Sat., Nov. 28th.

NOTE: More primitive kitties coming soon!

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