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Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentine AMORIE's Have Arrived!

Feb. 6 Update: I plan to post photos of new Amorie's by Monday. Granddaughter is visiting & I am focusing on time with her.

Feb. 4 update: I am working hard to create more of these kitties with their big hearts! Keep an eye out for what is to appear here and on my shops!
(Thanks to vabeachquilter for giving me an award - check the comment below.)

JAN. 30 UPDATE: 6:15 p.m.-
All of these kitties have been listed on my ETSY shops, with only one on ARTFIRE shop.

Pictured here, from left to right, are Amorie's #4, #1, #3, #5 and #2.

I hope to make more next week as that I really enjoyed working on these! It is fun to see the characters develop as I work with the details "free-hand" and experiment with various elements.

Amorie is a name derived from the Latin word, amor, which means love. The name is applicable to either gender. I have made little bows that can determine the gender of each critter by its placement, or just be devoid of any gender by placing the bow near the tip of the tail, or have no bow at all.

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BTW... I gave you an award. To find out which, go to my blog and see:



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