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Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Are JellyBean Critters?

I have started adding stand alone pages to my blog. Look at the top and click on the link for further information about my JellyBean Critters. I will keep adding to the page when I make a new critter, such as HOPPIE, as pictured below. I enjoy making up new critters for my granddaughter. I get such delight when she visits my each weekend and asks, "What did you do this week?" We exchange information about her experiences in her second grade school life and about my endeavors, etc.

I made some pom pom chicks for her last week and plan to put them into a basket as an Easter gift in addition to HOPPIE, which she has not seen, yet. I have to get some photos done and post with this writing. There are not enough hours in the day.

Next week I will be focusing on making her two spring outfits. I went fabric shopping yesterday and enjoyed looking at the material and wonderful prints.

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Missus D said...

Nice! I see you got it all worked out!

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