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Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Camera Arrived!

The camera arrived early this a.m. and I have only taken a few shots from the window.  Mind now, too, that the window is not very clean on the outer side of the pane (this means some window washing is due).
By the way, the pole beans have really filled the trellis, haven't they?  I hope to pick some tomorrow.
However, the new camera has higher definition capabilities and so far I am impressed.  I am just using the "click and shoot" option and will have to research and experiment with the manual options.  I will give further feedback in a few days after I "play" with the camera some.  Who said that men are the only ones who have their technical toys?

The picture on the left was shot with the new camera, and the one on the right was shot with the older one.  Click on each for a closeup view and compare.  The light conditions are different with each one, but really, the overcast sky conditions of the right picture should have produced better details.

Be sure to check out the CRAFTY HOT SPOTS links --> a page tab at the top of this page and on the side bar.  As I find sites that I think may be of interest to others, as well as me, I will post them.  If you know of a webpage or blog that is interesting, please let me know.  :D

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