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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Looking Ahead

Most artisans who sell their items online have stocked their shops, and promoted, promoted, promoted their handmade items.  I admire them for it and I heartily support the purchasing of handmade items for Christmas gifts, etc.  But this year I am pulling back from the selling aspect.  Those who know me a bit are aware that I have had a year of challenges that have directed my focus and energy elsewhere.  This Christmas, I need to make items for my family and that comes first with me. 

However, I do intend to get back into making things for my online shops after the holiday season, providing that no new challenges prevent me from doing so.  I also am contemplating getting back into my artwork, both drawing/painting and digitally. The New Year is a time of redirecting my focus.  Oh, and I have new plans for my JellyBean Critters.

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