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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Walking In a Different Direction

I have decided that the online shops will be closed for selling, but remain active as a buyer.  Events in my life have led me to realize that I need to focus my time and talents on just enjoying what I like to do, and to give quality time to my family, friends and also, to myself.

However, this blog will be active with accounts of what I do.  Perhaps, even give guidance and inspiration for others who love to create.
Dad (to the left) and the stock car that he built for dirt track racing before NASCAR came into existence.
Presently, I am recuperating from the physical, and emotional, stress of taking care of my father for years, with the last 20 months of his life as 24/7 caretaker.  I am assisting with taking care of his estate, which is demanding some of my time.  My health is suffering a bit, but I should recuperate and be back to "full speed" with the help of my doctor and my family.  Additionally, my husband has been diagnosed as being in the early stages of a rare form of dementia, called Pick's Disease.  If you research this, you may understand better as to why I am choosing to focus more on quality time with my family.

I do plan to create.  It helps me keep my sanity, and also is very therapeutic for my mind, soul and body.

I will start making changes on this blog shortly.  The shops will be closed by the end of the month, if not earlier.  My blog will continue.


yunims said...

Truly, a blog is simply to pour out our creativity. Does the experience of life, expression of the heart, or a hobby that we field. No matter how small we are doing, can inspire a lot of people who visit our blog. There are some people get successful to sell something through a blog. But more more people are doomed to failure. Write down things that light and you want.

Claudia said...

Thanks...I did not notice your comment until a moment ago (today is July 19, 2012). My focus has been on adjusting to the loss of my father, and other matters in my life. I think that creativity and inspiration has been put on the back burner too much in today's social climate. Being able to create has always been a great release of stress and emotions, as well as another way to communicate with others.

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