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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Isabella's New Clothes

I am finally posting some pics of the skort and matching top set for my granddaughter, Isabella.  Of course, "purple" is her favorite color.  These are not the best quality pics, but I was in a hurry to deliver the clothes to her.

I made two other sets, each a bit different from this one in colors and construction of the neck and arm openings.

The knit, from which this was constructed, is very soft and so comfortable to the skin.  However, I had difficulty in working with it.  Being a double knit, it was a bit tricky in places where the edges wanted to separate and roll back a bit.  Plus, I worked with a new serger by which I am still on a learning curve.

This was a labor of love for her and she is thrilled with it.  She will still have plenty of wear from this as that the temperatures can be quite warm into most of autumn, and that she can wear a knit long-sleeved knit top and leggings if the weather gets a bit cooler.  Isabella is our little fashionista!

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