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Friday, September 12, 2014

Sewing For Myself - At Last!

Sewing for myself: That is something that I have not done for quite some time.

I am down two dress sizes and after looking for new clothes, I decided to make items for myself.  The clothing in the stores is not to my liking, at all.  For those who have exited shops with shaking heads, you know what I mean.

The pattern on the left just caught my eye.  I am willing to try at least one pair for wearing around the house, or whenever comfort seems to be what I want for the day.  My son rolled his eyes when he saw the pattern, but I am wearing them, not him.  He sometimes cringes at the bit of the Bohemian in my soul.  

The pattern on the right looks stylish without being too dated for me.  I am not the skinny 18-year-old that I once was, but I do want to feel good about what I wear. 

I found this quote online for pattern 8108:
Casually chic with a-line jacket that is a bit shorter in the front. The boxy shirt with extended seams and decorative pocket matches perfectly with wide bungee cord pants. absolutely love this soft ensemble in the upper ranges.. stylish and flattering new pattern and very easy burda 8108 ... burda tends to fit more true to actual sizing.. zipper for C... use linen, ltwt poplin, crepe.. A is loose fit, ample.. B.C. semi fit.. and shoulders are broad.. lovely wardrobe, could easily be the basis for any wardrobe.... Zest for this jacket casually trapezoid shape, with extended and back patch pockets. The t-shirt square cut, short sleeves and zip back is decorated with a charming pocket to put the seam cutting. Pants with elastic waist, self fabric back seam cutting view of the shirt, highlighted by a pretty stitching. Recommended fabric: linen, poplin thin pancake.

I recently joined the American Sewing Guild, and the first neighborhood meeting is this month.  I may take one of the projects above to sew, unless the plan for the group is otherwise.  It will be a treat to me to sew with others who enjoy it as much as I do.  Monday, I start on the comfy pants pictured on the left.  That's the plan, anyway, if life, or the urge to draw / paint, do not side track me!  

My first love is art, but sewing comes second.  Both are creative and good therapy.

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