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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

UPDATE:Autumn Is Here!

UPDATE:  I will not be able to post the pattern until the first week of November.
By the way, "Hello, Frances!"
Oh, this really brings back good memories for me as that the location was my father's house approximately 6 months before, as the Native Americans say, "walked on."
I have been busy with my family since my last post a couple of weeks ago, and family comes first with me.
However, I have pulled the pumpkin pattern out and will post how to obtain the free pattern in a day or two.  I will have to scan, etc.  If you are waiting, please be patient.  We have a hurricane churning along the Atlantic Ocean, and although the computer plots its course to skirt us, that remains to be seen, and if the eye hits NC above us, we will still be affected with storms and rains.  I am saying this as this may delay getting all that I plan to get done in a day or two.

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