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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

{In Between}

Back to the garden again.  I am still trying to figure out how to get better pictures with my camera, so bear with me.  The views here are from my desk in my bedroom, which overlooks the garden.  I tried to get a portrait of the back yard boss, a mockingbird, but he was too busy running off "invaders," including the squirrels.  

Not much was done in the garden today as that showers kept us out.  But hey, we surely need the moisture!  The plants have really grown since the rains started Sunday.

The plants in the top photo are potato plants, which my hubby is pulling soil towards them, to make the hills bigger around them, as I write.  The second photo is of okra.  I love okra!  The third photo is of the yellow crook neck summer squash and the fourth is of the pole beans and the Ichiban eggplant at the end of the row.  Between the beans and eggplant are cucumbers that should start climbing the trellis soon.

        My husband was not sure about vertical planting last year, but loved it when he discovered that he did not have to bend over to pick the green beans last year (not much, anyway).  

He is to fix another trellis row next week and we are to plant some more beans and cukes.  Staggering the planting of vegetables keeps the veggies coming through the summer.  We can grow stuff well beyond September if the weather is right.  Oh, we also want to plant sweet potatoes somewhere.  I am not sure if they will overrun the place, but we have decided to try.

I have decided to pull back on producing stuff for Etsy and concentrate on immediate needs.  However, I do need to list the JellyBean Critters that are ready. The garden is an immediate need, as well as that I intend to make some clothes for the granddaughter and a couple of shirts for my well as create some more embroidery designs from my original artwork.  Hey! I see fireflies!  Summer is around the bend!

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