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Sunday, May 23, 2010

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These are quick shots taken from my bedroom window overlooking the small vegetable garden in our back yard.

The two birds are doves sitting on the trellis upon which the pole beans are climbing.  Tomatoes on the vines are about the diameter of a quarter or slightly larger and my husband are eagerly awaiting for them to mature.  There is nothing better for me than to pick a tomato off the vine, rinse it off immediately and slice it for a tomato sandwich!

One thing about growing your own vegetables, one does not have to worry about toxic substances on the vegetables, or germs being shared by others (from handling from one person to the other).  We keep a birdfeeder, with a water source, next to the garden.  The multitude of birds that frequent our garden keep the bugs off the vegetables.  Summer is approaching!

Vegetables planted in our garden: Bell peppers, Better Boy tomatoes, Kentucky Wonder pole beans, Ichiban eggplants, Clemson Spineless okra, red potatoes, crookneck squash, and more to come!

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