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Monday, May 10, 2010

Recuperating from the Weekend

I am not referring to a Monday "hangover."  I had a really busy weekend and enjoyed it:  Seeing my son receive his Masters degree on Mother's Day and eating dinner with him and my husband.  We stayed overnight and then returned home today.  I am just tired.  But it is a good tired.

Before the weekend, I managed to squeeze in digitizing a peace symbol design [this brings back some memories] and then applied it to some upcycled denim, which was made into another sunglasses / large eyeglass case.  This was digitized to be stitched over mylar which makes the design iridescent - click on the image for a closer look.  I like it so much, that I am contemplating making some more in different colors on the same denim.  Comments, anyone?


Missus D said...

looks cool! The denim look makes it unisex, I have to say. I like the shade of green too.

How about making mobile phone cases? Especially for iPhones.

I think this design suits young people and they are more likely to have phones rather than eyecase cases (though they wear glasses too!)

Claudia said...

Thanks! I am thinking about such. Only thing is that I will have to research the dimensions as that I am an ol' fogie and only use a "slider" for my phone.

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