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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I Like the Person that I Am

One way that I rest is to watch a movie, documentary or segments of a TV series on Netflix just before I go to sleep at night, often falling asleep after a few minutes into the viewing.  Lately, I have been watching episodes of "White Collar."  The dialogue that follows hit home with me as that I have experienced “what if” thoughts over the past few days.  I have pondered over “what if” I had made different decisions other than what my heart, my instincts, “little whispers” from God (as I call them), led me to do?

Good writers draw upon experience, and I feel that the writer(s) of this series inserted bits from within their thoughts and feelings.  I smiled and nodded at the last comment in the dialogue that follows:

“White Collar,” Season 2, Episode 8:  ‘Company Man’ — Peter’s comments to Neal:

What if I went corporate?

…flip side: What if I never joined the FBI? …But what if 12 years ago I was never assigned to an art-gallery scam downtown? What if I never met this assistant manager [now wife]?  No, there are more important things in life than just a nice view.  Like having people in your life you care about.  I don’t want to imagine the man I would be without those people.  

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