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Thursday, November 27, 2014


This was a sketch that I made while I was at my parents' home on a weekend visit from college.  The Siamese kitten, named Chen, was about 6 months old.  He was resting on my bed and I did some impromptu sketches on a page of a sketchbook that I kept close to me.  I have always loved cats and have never been without the company of one or more.  Cats are more aloof and independent than dogs, but I feel a kinship with them.  Each one has a different personality, and when one has bonded with a human, that cat is an excellent companion.  I have often stated the one doesn't adopt a cat as that the cat adopts its human.  My cats can sense my moods, and even the ones that are not as close to me as others, react in an empathetic manner.  My husband would joke that when I was in bed sick, that he could gauge the seriousness of my illness according to how many cats were on my bed.  At the moment, I have three cats.  Back to my art work:  In my sewing / art studio, I have photos of my husband, children and grandchildren; however, there are multiple displays of my cats, some of which are deceased.  The sketch shown above is hanging in my house.  The photo is a bit askew as that I took the shot in a hurry under not so perfect light conditions.  I am bringing my sketch books out, and hope to fill them with drawings.  When I am not doing something creative, I am not a happy person.  Art is my therapy: It calms my soul and makes it sing!

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