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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Top 10 Creative Design Bag Sewing Tips by Nancy Zieman
While "browsing" earlier this week, I found this on Nancy Zieman's blog.  One may want to visit it if you are new to making bags or purses, or if you just want to "look" for ideas.

I have made several bags in the past few years for myself and friends and family, and really enjoy doing so.  I find that when I look at bags in the stores, I think, "I probably could better myself, especially in customizing it for my needs."

Okay - I have been under the weather, but hope that I have seen the worse.  First projects, now upon recuperation, are a jacket/cover for a geriatric 1/2 lab mix who is over 14 years of age; and some doll clothes as requested by my granddaughter for her new American Doll that she received for Christmas.  I have the new few days lined up for me, do I not?

EMILY - Smocked Nightdress or Pyjamas for 18" Doll by Genine Wren
Click here for link to Genine's Etsy Shop

I aim to make the night dress with 3/4 sleeves.  My granddaughter really likes the look of these items. I have made several other clothes designed by Genine for another 18" doll belonging to my granddaughter.  Now, not all designs by Genine are for smocking if you do not want to do such.  Check out her Etsy shop!

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Angela said...

Claudia, those are adorable!!! I love them!

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